Hotel Gloria Budapest City Center * * * booking, cancellation and accommodation conditions for individual guests

Valid from 01 June 2018 until withdrawal

Reservation and inquiry:

These booking, modification and cancellation policies apply only to individual bookings of up to 3 rooms in total. Booking of a minimum of 4 rooms is a group booking subject to individual reservation, modification and cancellation policies.

Hotel Gloria Budapest City Center * * * offers a guaranteed booking only via email or online booking system.

To make it easier for guests to stay in touch, Hotel Gloria Budapest City Center operates a * * * hotel reservation system, which can be found on the homepage of our website (

Guests wishing to contact the booking and booking system are kindly requested to fill in all the details requested in the booking / inquiry system, with particular regard to the correct contact details. We treat the data in accordance with the privacy and data management information on the website. Reading and accepting this privacy policy is a must for us to send you an offer or to process your reservation with our system.

The correctness of the information provided in the booking is the responsibility of the guest. Hotel Gloria Budapest City Center * * * reserves the right to cancel the reservation and the obligation also ceases.

Guests are kindly requested to enter any request for accommodation in the ‘Comment’ box. Guests who come with the child (s) are kindly requested to select the child (s) age correctly. We reserve the right to check the ages at check-in.

When booking via e-mail, please provide the information requested in the online booking system. We can only provide information via telephone, but unfortunately we do not guarantee a guaranteed reservation in our system.

The guest acknowledges by booking the reservation and cancellation policy and accepts them.

In case of request, Hotel Gloria Budapest City Center * * * will send the completed offer to the guest in writing to the e-mail address provided by the hotel and the offer is not a confirmation. Upon confirmation of the acceptance of the offer in writing, it shall become final after the confirmation of the reservation has been sent.

Minimum number of nights:

It is not possible to book less than the minimum number of nights you can book during the highlighted periods or some package offerings. Please always take into account the number of minimum nights indicated, with special regard to the priority periods.

Prepay or reservation payment or credit card guarantee:

Our hotel requires a credit card guarantee for cancellations and reservations. We reserve the right to verify the validity of the cards and the cover on them, but we do not block any amount on the card.

For normal bookings, we do not require prepayment or booking. Exceptional periods and package reservations may be exempt from this. In all cases, we indicate in the booking process and in the confirmation what cancellation, modification or prepayment obligation for the given period or package.

For non-cancellable bookings at discounted rates, we require credit card details, which will be charged with the full amount of the reservation within 24 hours of booking. If you indicate that you wish to arrange the payment by credit card instead of payment by credit card, you will have 48 hours from the date of booking for domestic payment.

In case of non-cancellable rates, if no transfer is made within 48 hours, or if the specified card cannot be charged within 24 hours with the full amount of the reservation, our hotel will refuse the reservation and may not be obliged to provide accommodation.

If the reservation date is within 4 calendar days of the date of arrival, the payment will be made by direct transfer on the day of booking or by bank card payment.

If the guest does not arrive (no show) in spite of a paid reservation, then the hotel will consider the paid accommodation as stale. The guest’s deposit or accommodation fee becomes the property of the hotel and the hotel does not provide a service in return for the paid deposit.

Cancellation and Modification Terms:

Normal bookings: In case of normal (cancellable and cancellable bookings) reservations can be changed or canceled free of charge in the confirmation – 72 hours before arrival. Different cancellation deadlines are used in high-priority periods, which are always included in our automated confirmation.

Non-cancellable bookings: In case of non-cancellable bookings at discounted rates, the reservation cannot be canceled or changed, even in case of force majeure. In case of cancellation, no-show or early departure, the hotel will consider the paid accommodation as stale. The guest’s deposit or accommodation fee becomes the property of the hotel and the hotel does not provide a service in return for the paid deposit.

Managing valuables, cash:

We kindly remind our guests that our hotel does not take any responsibility for the lost valuables and cash in the hotel. We recommend that our dear guests keep their valuables in the free central safe deposit box at the reception during their stay.


No smoking in our non-smoking rooms. In spite of the anti-smoking pictograms and tables, smoking guests are required to pay a fee, which is included in the prohibition and information board in the rooms.


Parking is available in front of the hotel and in the surrounding streets. If the guest wants to leave his car in the closed, camera-monitored but unguarded parking lot of the hotel it is FREE of charge if you book here on our official home page. If you book somewhere else, the fee is 10 EUR or the equivalent HUF / day.

The hotel does not take responsibility for the cars left in the car park or for the valuables placed there.

Arrival and departure:

The hotel rooms can be occupied from 14:00 on the day of arrival and are requested to leave until 11:00 on the day of departure. If the guest does not wish to leave his room until 11:00, he is required to pay a late departure fee as follows:

Up to 12:00 € 10 per room

Up to 13:00 at 15 EUR / room

Up to 14:00 at 20 EUR / room

EUR 15 / room until 15:00

In case of departure after 15:00, payment for the full night’s stay is due. The late departure fee can be paid at the reception against an invoice.

Accepted Payments:

In our hotel, our guests can pay with cash, credit card, SZEP card, credit card or bank transfer.

Conditions for bookings sold by intermediaries

Guests arriving at Hotel Gloria’s Budapest City Center * * * (other online hotel booking portals, travel agencies, resellers, coupon sites, etc.) are subject to the booking and cancellation policies on that booking page.

Group bookings:

Group bookings are not subject to the above, and are always subject to specific contractual and payment terms.


In all cases, the parties shall attempt to settle their disputes arising from the accommodation contract in a peaceful manner. If a peaceful settlement would not succeed, the parties would settle the dispute by legal action. The Parties shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Court of Budapest to decide upon disputes arising from this Agreement.

Budapest, 2018. may 20.

Hotel Gloria Kft.